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Departmental Scholarship Day
Experience Descriptions

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At this event, each of our 20 Academic Departments will offer an experience that will allow you to learn more about your potential course of study as a Cedar Crest student. Participate in up to two experiences and be qualified to receive a four-year $1,500 scholarship to pursue a degree in that field.

One scholarship will be awarded for each of the following departments:


The session will involve individual portfolio reviews for students applying for the Art and Art Therapy scholarships. While the reviews are being conducted members of the Art Club will host a zine making workshop for the prospective students while they wait for their portfolio review. The zine workshop will result in collage images that will be put into a printed zine that will be sent to all participants.

Biological Sciences

Students interested in majors in the Biological Sciences (Biology, Environmental Conservation, Genetic Engineering, Neuroscience) will participate in a hands-on laboratory activity guided by faculty in the Department. We will discuss the different majors in this department and the research opportunities in which our undergraduates are engaged. **As we will be working in the lab, please wear closed-toe shoes, tie back long hair, and leave food and drinks outside the lab room.


Join this fun and interactive session and learn more about the business careers you can achieve through Cedar Crest College. We will have a roundtable discussion and will share the amazing opportunities our business department offers. Learn about our majors, minors, areas of concentration, certificates, internships, externships, and the active student clubs. Interested students will take a Myers-Briggs personality test and will explore possible future careers in business.

Chemical & Physical Sciences

Students will begiven an overview of the department and the programs offered. Studnets will then take a jeopardy type quiz and will be inetrviewed by faculty in th department. They will also be given a tour of facilities.

Students participating in the Chemical & Physical Sciences experience are asked to wear long pants and closed toe shoes.


Experience what Communication at Cedar Crest College has to offer! Go to various locations on campus related to Media Studies and New Media to explore all of the exciting things you can do with Communication, while also communicating with the world at large by taking and posting creative (and creatively tagged) selfies to social media!

If you would like to compete for the Communication Scholarship, be sure to bring a portfolio of your work relating to communication and media, which can include examples of or links to video productions, photography, news stores, animation, digital arts, media analysis writings, and more.

Criminal Justice

The students will be walked through a crime mapping experience with the mapping software. We will be producing 1 or two maps that I will grade as I do with any student who takes the mapping course.


Explore the Performing Arts Department in a combined dance and theatre workshop. Come prepared to move your bodies and your imagination. Experience in both areas is not essential, but a scholarship for both Dance and Theater will be awarded based upon quality of participation. Please bring comfortable attire to move in.


Students will be interviewed; while not participating in interview these
students will work with the Education students and faculty member education/collaborative projects.


Students competing for the English scholarship should bring a portfolio with them to the event, ideally consisting of two original essays analyzing a work of literature that have been written for an English class. (If the student has not written a paper for an English class, she may include other examples of her writing, including an essay written for the Common App.) Students will participate in a brief workshop with faculty and should be prepared to talk about her favorite work of literature

Forensic Science

Students will learn about the forensic science program and the background needed to become a forensic scientist. Students will examine a crime scene and report on their findings.

Health Sciences

Healthy Campus Initiative: Create a proposal for a program that will promote health and wellness on-campus. You’ll receive guidance from a faculty member for what to include in your proposal and then present it to the group.


Students competing for either the History or the Political Science scholarship will be expected to analyze and discuss a primary document and apply it to current events. Depending upon the number of applicants, they may expect a short interview with faculty.


Students participating in this session will learn about the math program and math research opportunities at Cedar Crest. Students will be asked to solve several fun and challenging logic problems.


Intended Nursing students will have the opportunity to learn about the School of Nursing and its program offerings, clinical practicum experiences,and International Nursing Study Tours from faculty. A panel of current students will also present. Interested students will participate in several activities including a patient safety exercise, group interviews, and on a lighter note - Elimination Cornhole.

**Students attending the event for the Nursing experience will be participating in two sessions and should expect to be on campus for the majority of the day.


The Members of the Nutrition department will present you with a variety of food items and you get to "be the judge". Showcase your skills by serving as a taste test panelist and assess the aesthetic and nutritional qualities of some popular foods.

Political Science

Students competing for either the History or the Political Science scholarship will be expected to analyze and discuss a primary document and apply it to current events. Depending upon the number of applicants, they may expect a short interview with faculty.


An important question in psychology is the role of bottom-up vs. top-down processing of information. Do we build up a representations of the world from the raw data our senses provide, or do higher processes in the brain, shaped by both our physiology and our experiences, play a role? The students will participate in a famous experiment to demonstrate the Stroop Effect, which addresses this very question, and has been implemented across the various subdisciplines of psychology. They will then be invited to write up a brief report of the procedure, results, and their experience.

Social Work

Meet with department faculty and participate in both individual and group interviews to answer questions that demonstrate your aptitude, values, strengths, resources and desire to be a professional social worker.


Students competing for the Writing scholarship should bring a portfolio with them to the event, consisting of three original written works in any genre and a brief commentary that 1) addresses the reason(s) for the selections and 2) discusses the student's interest in pursuing a writing major. Students will participate in a fun, informal writing exercise.

For more information, email or call 1-800-360-1222.

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