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Sieanna Rahatt


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Sieanna Rahatt

Major: Psychology, Performing Arts
Marketing and Communications Assistant
Class of 2021

Sieanna Rahatt ’21, a psychology major, performing arts student and commuter, is grateful that she was able to return to campus in the fall to learn, work and participate in her favorite activities, including theatre. This past semester, Rahatt was featured in Cedar Crest’s Agatha Christie Murder Mystery Radio Plays and starred as Nora Helmer in the school’s production of “A Doll’s House, Part 2,” and in February, she will be playing Ms. Bell in “Fame.”

The on-campus experience is an integral part of a Cedar Crest education for Rahatt and many students like her. “There’s a different energy when you’re on campus than when you’re at home. Being on campus allows us to have more access to resources and feel that sense of community. When you’re at home, you’re closer to all the things that make you comfortable and that can make you relax. On campus, you are surrounded by people who are working hard, and that makes you work harder,” Rahatt explains.

To keep Cedar Crest safe and healthy, our community has had to be creative and adjust the ways in which we engage with each other. The performing arts department, for example, was able to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions. Students performed this fall with smaller casts, socially distanced blocking and face shields.

According to Rahatt, the Cedar Crest community’s flexibility and accommodation of students has enabled them to persist through this time of adversity. “We’ve made the necessary adaptations to keep our community safe, while still making this feel like a college environment,” she adds. “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to even have just a mild sense of normalcy!”

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