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Tatiana Diaz
Director of Diversity & Inclusion
Allen House, 2nd floor, Office #1
610-606-4666 ext.3596


Diversity and Inclusion Council 


The Diversity and Inclusion Council advocates for a living, learning, and working campus environment that values diversity, inclusive excellence, and equity-mindedness so as to better enable Cedar Crest College to educate the next generation of leaders. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Council shall lead, coordinate, and monitor Cedar Crest College’s strategic commitment to diversity, advising the President on how to promote an inclusive environment that supports students, faculty, and staff of diverse identities.  
To achieve its mission, the Diversity and Inclusion Council will: 

  • Advocate for and promote Cedar Crest College’s statement on the value and definition of diversity; 
  • Monitor the effectiveness of strategic initiatives that provide for a diverse and inclusive campus climate, improved recruitment and retention of faculty, staff, and students from groups underrepresented in higher education, increased attention to diversity and inclusion in curricular and co-curricular affairs, and community outreach; 
  • Advise and support the Center for Diversity and Inclusion on programing, outreach, and other issues to provide for an inclusive campus climate; and 
  • Develop campus leaders on issues related to diversity, inclusion, and equity-mindedness through education, professional development, and campus programing. 

Diversity and Inclusion Council Membership 2019-20 

Dr. Robert Wilson, Provost 
Tatiana Diaz, Director of Diversity and Inclusion 

Susan Barnes, Director of Learning and Disability Resources
Casandra Cabral-Castro, Admissions Counselor of Adult and Graduate Admissions
Dr. Christine Carpino, Assistant Professor of Political Science (Year 2 of 3)
Kyle Dailey, Dean of Students
Lisa Garbacik, Director of Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator
Kelly Hall, Director of International Programs and Global Initiatives
Dr. Jenny Hayden, Professor of Biology (Year 1 of 3)
Brittany Mokshefsky, Admissions Counselor for Multicultural Recruitment
Catherine Olshefski, Student Representative, Student Government Association
Kelly Steinmetz, Director of Community Standards and Residence Life
Dr. Calley Taylor, Dean of Student Success
Sulakshmi Vaid, Student Representative, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Global Engagement Working Group 


To empower faculty, staff, and students to reach their full potential through participation in international and intercultural experiences, to support efforts of global collaboration, and to foster links around the world. 
Global Engagement Working Group Membership 2019-20

Kelly Hall, Director of International Programs and Global Initiatives
Stefanie Schloo, Coordinator for Global Initiatives 
Lacey Wismer, Associate Director of International Admissions 
Suzanne Weaver, Professor of Social Work and Gerontology